Promotional Codes

The Orquidea Pearls Promotional Codes are discounts for jewelry collections or sets of articles and are valid under the following conditions:

  1. Promotional codes always apply to one or more discounted items and are aimed at very specific client or user segments.
  2. These discounts only apply to items included in a specific promotion. 
  3. Each promotional code is valid for a fixed period of dates and will apply until the specified end date or when stock runs out. 
  4. There can be several promotional codes valid on the same day, but are not accumulative and therefore only one promotional code can be applied to each sale.
  5. In the event that a particular item is included both in a promotional code and is also on offer, whichever discount is the largest will be applied, thus offering the client the most economical option.
  6. In order to benefit from various different promotional codes at once, each promotional code will have to be applied separately to each individual item and these will have to be purchased individually.  
  7. The promotional codes will be advertised in the media, in the written press, radio, television and social media in accordance to the client profile to which each campaign is directed.
  8. Any client in possession of a promotional code will be able to apply it before finalising a purchase by simply informing us of the promotional code or accessing the code via specific urls published in the media or directly, for example:
  9. It is the client's sole responsibility to report a promotional code during a purchase or to access the urls so that the discount can be applied, renouncing any claims should a purchase be finalised within the promotional period of any given campaign without having informed of the promotional code and therefore failing to receive the applicable discount.
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