About us

The story of the Majorca Pearl goes back to the early twentieth century.  At that time, Japan was the main Cultured Pearls Producer par excellence, but its production was interrupted by World War I.

To meet the International demand,  Pearl Production began to be developed in Majorca, in several workshops, where the pearls were made one by one by skilled artisans.

In 1950, one of these workshops adopted the name Orquidea and became the forerunner of the current company.

Under the direction of its founder Juan María Forgas, Orquidea developed a surprising formula that reproduced the process of creating Cultured pearls. The Organic Pearl. A Pearl of high Quality and unique Beauty that we combine with Gold, Silver and Precious Stones for the design of our Jewellery.

At present, Orquidea distributes its jewelry through an extensive network of more than 1.000 specialised stores and we are an International reference in women's Fashion accessories.

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